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AQUAPUREST Water Technologies

  • Being close to our clients.
  • Innovating and developing new products
  • Providing knowledge and experience of our know-how
  • Supporting our clients in their professional success.

These pledges are the cornerstones of AQUAPUREST.

With the new catalogue we aim to convey our spirit and our strength for the future.

We hope you like it.

Our Company

AQUAPUREST Water Technologies was established to supply high quality water treatment systems and water filtration products and accessories to European market.

In AQUAPUREST we believe that customer satisfaction should be our highest priority ensuring you get the very best from us. For this reason we have a team of trained people ready to help and advise you.

Based in Thessaloniki Greece we are specializing in manufacturing and develops OEM/ODM products in Europe and Asia since 2006.

With great variety and certified quality products we are one of the largest companies in Greece having water purifications systems for domestic and professional use.  

In AQUAPUREST you will find

  1. HORECA water filters
  2. Domestic Reverse Osmosis systems
  3. Point of Use Drinking water filters (POU)
  4. Point of Entry water filters (POE)
  5. Water Coolers & Dispensers
  6. Water Softeners
  7. UV Systems
  8. Direct sales (Neatwork-Higienisation)
  9. Hydrogen
  10. Commercial and Industrial RO
  11. Replacement Water filters
  12. Components
  13. Bottles

AQUAPUREST believes that quality is an essential value and is committed to on-going improvement, thus achieving the trust and satisfaction of our clients. is a website solely operated by AQUPUREST. We are a company fully registered in Greece under registration number 044039600

Our registered office is located at TRILOFOS, THESSALONIKI, GREECE, 57500

Our return address is:


Trilofos, Thessaloniki,



Your concerns.

If you have any concerns about content which appears on our website, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]



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Trilofos Thessaloniki 2nd km
57500, PO Box 1795 Thessaloniki

Τ & F: 2392 061743
E: [email protected]

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